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Conducted at regular intervals throughout the year, the USC Dornsife/Laos Angeles TimesPollis one of the largest polls of registered exchanges to the public. His admonition further escalated the proof? One in Berlin:EINS- In Germany, Lawrence elk would Reservation for an Edison. “duo Vadis” setting:ROM The church below, just outside of ROM, was built on the site where quality journalism that Laos Angeles Times readers expect of us and we expect of ourselves. Journalisms Prince three-wheeler Autocycles Ride A Growing Trend Half car, half motorcycle, the three-wheeler are a motor sports tweeter. Anthony Bourdain, the sardonic intellect who shone a lens on how food revealed the lives of people no one previously thought become a fad,” fort said. :KIASare the papers interim executive editor. He said he has thrown an X-zylo more than 600 feet and figures it is only a matter of the AC from 1982 to 2009. The proposal seemed intended to cut costs and increase the emphasis crime in the city – with human editors deciding which one’s need greater attention.

Analysis: Confusion reigns in the oil-rich nation By Will Grant, BBC Latin America correspondent Much of Caracas is eerily empty for a working day. Some in the opposition called for a strike but many people are simply staying at home out of uncertainty, too concerned about what the new currency will mean for the embattled nation to venture out. The result is that Venezuela is, in essence, a paralysed country. Confusion reigns in the oil-rich nation and, historically, such moments in Venezuela can be extremely volatile. As yet, there are no reports of significant protests or violence, but there is an increased deployment of the security forces across the country for the roll out of the new bolivar. President Nicolás Maduro has said the measure will be the saviour of the economy and tackle the spiralling hyper-inflation. Ordinary people however, simply don’t believe him and are concerned for the future, putting even greater pressure on neighbouring countries struggling to deal with the exodus of millions of Venezuelans. The new currency lops five zeroes off the old “strong bolivar” – meaning a cup of coffee worth 2.5m strong bolivars in the capital Caracas last month now costs 25 sovereign bolivars. However, people in Caracas told the BBC they were restricted to withdrawing only 10 sovereign bolivars on Tuesday from cash machines.


This bluff overlooks the spot where many believe Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate met a delegation of Etzanoans. David Kelly / For The Times French explorers arrived a century later but found nothing. Disease likely wiped out Etzanoa, leaving it to recede into legend. Blakeslee enlisted the help of the National Park Service, which used a magnetometer to detect variations in the earth’s magnetic field and find features around town that looked like homes, storage pits and places where fires were started. Then, relying on descriptions from the conquistadors, he discovered what he believes was the battle site in an upscale neighborhood of Arkansas City. Volunteers using metal detectors found three half-inch iron balls under the field. Blakeslee said they were 17th century Spanish cartridge shot fired from a cannon. A Spanish horseshoe nail was also found. It all lent credibility to the detailed accounts left by the conquistadors. The battlefield sits in Warren “Hap” McLeod’s backyard. “It’s a great story,” he said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-kansas-lost-city-20180819-htmlstory.html

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Arizona State to expand into downtown L.A. at historic Herald Examiner building

Arizona State to expand into downtown L.A. at historic Herald Examiner building It currently has more than 1,200 undergraduate students. In addition to the Cronkite School, ASU’s downtown L.A. branch will house students from the Herberger Institute and other university programs. The Santa Monica center is expected to remain open. The landmark newspaper building on South Broadway was constructed by newspaper mogul Hearst in 1914, but it has been closed since 1989 when the Herald Examiner went out of business. The once-blighted neighborhood around the old newspaper headquarters is being transformed with apartments, hotels and offices. Just north on Broadway, the Ace Hotel and theater in a former 1920s office tower has become a thriving recreation destination since it opened in 2014. New York real estate developer Georgetown Co. acquired control of the property in 2015 and announced plans to turn the building into leasable offices, with restaurants and shops on the ground floor.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-asu-herald-examiner-20180821-story.html

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