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Naked 'clown Trump' statue installed on Los Angeles billboard

Other times, he would cut critical opinion pieces all together. Falwell prevented a piece critical of President Trump’s “locker room talk.” He claimed an article had already been written that week about Trump so another article — though it was an opinion piece — would be “redundant.” This past spring, a group often critical of Liberty University, the Red Letter Christians, planned to gather on campus with a few of the university’s own students speaking. This notable gathering caught the eye of Liberty Champion reporter, Erin Covey. While pursuing the article, Covey reached out to Falwell for a comment about the event to which he responded, “Let’s not run any articles about the event.” Shortly after this event, the dean of the College of Communications at Liberty University, Bruce Kirk, said he would be interviewing Liberty Champion staff members for fall semester positions — never the case before. Jack Panyard interviewed with Kirk for the Editor in Chief and was granted the position. However, he felt uncomfortable with some of the questions asked, so he decided to record all future meetings, according to World Magazine . Soon after, Panyard and the rest of the staff gathered on a conference call so Falwell could address the students and tell them what the newspaper was for: disseminating information related to and benefiting the university’s interests. Kirk also had some directions for the students after Falwell hung up. He wanted to make sure — among other things — the staff knew that what they were writing was able to be dictated by the university president. Later in April, Kirk fired both Panyard and Covey from the newspaper reasoning that the administration was working on reorganizing the paper like a company.

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There are stories that highlight our hardworking teachers and students in the area. There are stories that encourage local residents to talk about the impact of national politics and other happenings. There are pages that provide the play-by-play for high school sports teams, for outdoor enthusiasts, for health advancements in the area, for creative and performing arts, and for showcasing the community in photos. And there are pages where readers are invited to express their views and opinions on all topics. Those opinions matter greatly to us at the Herald-Standard. Whether they are in the form of a letter to the editor, a note to a reporter or a comment on a social media post, we want you to know that we want to hear from you. What goes on in this world is noteworthy, and we have a responsibility to share that with you to help you become more informed citizens. We will report the good, the bad and things that may not reflect the opinion of those putting the pages together each day. And those things may not reflect your views. But it’s important, nonetheless, to share it with the readers, so that they may learn and form their own opinions.

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Wolf cubs in Jutland, Denmark, 2018 Denmark to tag wild wolves after shooting row By News from Elsewhere… …as found by BBC Monitoring These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption Danish scientists filmed wolf cubs in Jutland earlier this year Denmark is to tag its first wild wolf pack in 200 years with GPS trackers, in order to keep tabs on the wolves and protect them from hunters. The government has given Aarhus University permission to tag ten wolves in a catch-and-release scheme, as it is not clear whether some have crossed into Germany, the DR public broadcaster reports. Danes thought their last wolves had died out in the early 19th century, until one was spotted in Jutland six years ago. The female later mated, and Denmark announced last year that it now has a fully-fledged pack . Copenhagen University’s wolf programme, which was set up to monitor the pack, believes the first pair moved to Denmark from the forests of eastern Germany. But the reasons for the tagging are not purely scientific. Environment Jakob Ellemann-Jensen acknowledged that farmers in Jutland are concerned that the wolves are varying their standard diet of deer with the occasional sheep. “The arrival of wolves in Denmark has prompted considerable public concern, and I understand that,” he said, adding that tagging will help scientists learn more about the wolves and “hopefully make Danes feel safer,” the Dagens news site reports.

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