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McCain wrote in his 2005 book “Character is Destiny” that his mother and her identical twin sister, Rowena — now deceased — “were renowned for their beauty, which has hardly faded over the years that have passed since heads first turned in their direction. But their personalities have always been their most attractive feature.” He wrote that Ms. McCain had been “raised to be a strong, determined woman who thoroughly enjoyed life, and always tried to make the most of her opportunities.” At the White House, President Trump remained eerily quiet during the morning, and throughout the Capitol service for Mr. McCain. He did not tweet. Pallbearers carrying Senator John McCain’s coffin into the Capitol. Credit Tom Brenner for The New York Times The special split-screen televisions in the press areas of the West Wing showed the same thing on each of the four news networks: live coverage of the service. But White House officials said they did not know whether Mr. Trump was watching. The president was scheduled to leave the White House just before 1 p.m.

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Trump Seeks to Block Pay Raises for Federal Workers

Earlier this month, Mr. Trump signed a 2.6 percent raise for troops into law as part of a larger military spending package. Mr. Trump’s letter came days after a federal judge struck down key provisions of three executive orders the president had signed in May that had made it easier to fire federal workers and limited the power of their unions. The administration appeared to be dragging its feet this week on complying with the judge’s orders, with some agencies telling managers and union officials that the new policies remained in effect until further notice. Many legal experts were puzzled because the orders were supposed to apply immediately. But while saying it was still considering further action in the case, the administration acknowledged at least a temporary setback on Wednesday, when the Office of Personnel Management put out updated guidance that rescinded the portions of the instructions that the judge had struck down. Union officials in at least one agency, the Social Security Administration, exulted as they were told that they would be allowed back into offices that managers had evicted them from when the executive orders took effect this summer. Mr. Trump’s use of emergency authority to weigh in on pay increases for federal workers is a common occurrence. The president did so last year to scale back a raise, and President Barack Obama took action the year before to rein-in location-based adjustments.

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