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Queen Elizabeth II news: How much do you get paid to work for Royals? Salaries REVEALED Queen Elizabeth II news: How much do you get paid to work for Royals? Salaries REVEALED THE Queen does not have to lift a finger as she has staff to help her with her every move. But how much do you get paid to work for the Royal Family? Queen Elizabeth II has a private net worth of £415 million. Her annual income has increased by eight percent over the last year from £76 million to £82 million.  She can certainly afford to hire an array of staff to carry her handbag or even hold her corgis. But how much do the Royal Family’s staff get paid?  What does the Queen do during the day, and what are her hobbies? The Royal household is said to be advertising for housekeeping assistants at Buckingham Palace with an offer of wages of £8.17 an hour – £2.03 less than the £10.20 London living wage. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan set up this voluntary wage and it is paid by 1,000 employers in the capital.  What do other members of staff get paid?  Trainee butlers start their careers at the Palace with a starting salary of £15,000, according to Business Insider in 2011.  Queen Elizabeth II news: Do you fancy working for the Queen? (Image: GETTY) Butlers get accommodation provided and two months away at Balmoral and Holyroodhouse Palace, as well as other royal residencies throughout the year.  Buckingham Palace also advertised for a live-in pot-washer in 2016 for a slightly higher salary of £17,000. The job advertisement said: “You’ll assist the team by maintaining the wash-up environment, ensuring our chefs and assistants have all they need to deliver hundreds of staff meals every day.” As the Queen loves horses, she has a groom to ride them everyday, train foals and clean the stables for £20,000 a year.

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Strengthening Hurricane Florence takes aim at US Southeast

xx Photo: National Hurricane Center/NOAA Forecasters also warned that the threat of a life-threatening storm surge was rising. “Pretend, assume, presume that a major hurricane is going to hit right smack dab in the middle of South Carolina and is going to go way inshore,” South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said. The state’s emergency management agency said it is “preparing for the possibility of a large-scale disaster.” In Charleston, South Carolina, along the coast, city officials offered sandbags to residents. Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune urged people to secure their homes but said it’s too early to know if evacuations will be ordered. Driver accused of hospitalizing 4 in VIA bus stop crash asks for forgiveness Media: San Antonio Express-News Blaze closes major S.A. highway in both directions Media: TXDOT Fly through the eye of Hurricane Florence Media: San Antonio Express-News Flash floods across Uvalde County Media: Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office BCSO: Gunman at large after shooting in area neighborhood Media: San Antonio Express-News Alleged drunk driver runs over 3 pedestrians on S.A.-area road Media: San Antonio Express-News Woman takes off with baby after crashing car in San Antonio chase Media: Texas Department of Public Safety Van erupts in flames at Texas gas station after powerline snaps Media: San Antonio Express-News San Antonio teen killed hours after her birthday Media: mysanews DPS aerial footage shows deadly shootout between trooper, suspect Media: Texas Department of Public Safety Myrtle Beach hardware stores and supermarkets were busy ringing up sales of bottled water, plywood and generators. “Literally, they are filling buggies full of water, shopping carts full of water,” Ryan Deeck, grocery department manager at a Walmart, told The Sun News. “They’re coming in and buying water and plates, and that’s about all they’re buying.” North Carolina officials started getting bulldozers and chain saws ready.

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