Some Answers On Tactics In Breaking News

Pyeongyang Press Corps/Pool via REUTERS After the two leaders pledged new steps aimed at salvaging nuclear talks on Wednesday, Moon and Kim decided to use the final day of their three-day summit to go up the symbolic mountain on the Chinese border together. Moon is known for his love of mountain climbing and has trekked in the Himalayas at least twice. The president has long stated that visiting Mount Paektu, which can also be spelled Baekdu in the South and is known as Changbai in China, was a “long unfulfilled dream”. “Many people in the South would go to Mount Paektu from the China side, but I decided not to, pledging myself that I would go stepping on our soil,” Moon told Kim after reaching the peak of the mountain. “But time flew so fast, and I thought my wish may not come true, but it did today.” As Moon arrived at an airport near the mountain, some 1,000 North Koreans greeted him, waving flowers and chanting “Motherland! Unification!” South Korean President Moon Jae-in and first lady Kim Jung-sook pose for photographs on the top of Mt. Paektu, North Korea, September 20, 2018. Pyeongyang Press Corps/Pool via REUTERS Moon and Kim took a cable car together to Heaven Lake, a caldera at the top of the mountain, and walked around the area with their wives and officials from both sides. Pictures showed Moon and Kim smiling and posing with their wives, and Moon filling a bottle with water from the lake. “The Chinese envy us because they can’t go down to the lake from their side but we can,” Kim said.

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Newspaper offices moving

NORWAY — The Advertiser Democrat and Norway Bureau of the Sun Journal are moving. As of Sept. 19, the offices will be on the first floor at 220 Main St., the red house across from Guy E. Rowe Elementary School and next to Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ. The Pikes Hill Road office will be closed Sept. 19, 20 and 21 as members of the staff move into new quarters. There will be on-street parking at the new site, although during the hours that school begins and ends, parking may be difficult. Sign up and get all the news you need to get through the day.

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With the first issue’s publication fast approaching, sources said production had come to a screeching halt early Tuesday, when Don Jr. yelled, “Stop the presses!” after Eric hit him on the arm for saying the younger brother wasn’t old enough to be the newspaper’s editor. The boys then reportedly began wrestling as they argued over whether to lead the edition with the story about their dad being the number-one president of all time or an exclusive headlined “No Moore Choccccolate Milk In White Howse Cafurteria.” The tense editorial meeting reportedly came to an abrupt conclusion once Eric started crying after being placed into a headlock. Later, while touting The Trump Boy Times as “the only place to get the real story that probably happened,” Don Jr. and Eric were seen distributing the half dozen handmade copies they had finally produced to the first people they encountered in the halls of the White House, including a Secret Service agent, two West Wing interns, Melania Trump, and a butler who brought them a snack after they complained about running out of graham crackers. Deeming their project a success, the brothers were soon overheard planning the launch of a Trump Boys TV news channel, and after climbing inside a large cardboard box with a hole cut out of the front, they spent much of the afternoon interviewing their favorite action figures and asking them why people spread so many lies about their dad. “Now that we’re on the beat, there will finally be a paper that runs real news about Dad,” Don Jr. said while taking a break from penning a statement from the newspaper’s editorial board urging the president to let his sons stay up until 8:30 p.m. and eat ice cream.

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